VBA to merge multiple Workbooks with multiple sheets into one workbook with multiple sheets, each with a different header row


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Aug 10, 2010
VBA to merge multiple Workbooks with multiple sheets into one workbook with multiple sheets, each with a different header row.


I am using Excel 2007 and want to achieve the following.

I have 75 Workbooks('xlsm) in a directory, with the same 4 worksheets in each.
The names of the 4 worksheets are "Wins","Pitches","Awards","Promo"

Each worksheet has header rows starting at A3 which are unique to that Sheet i.e the headers for "Wins" are different to the headers for "Pitches"etc.
Data always commences at Row A4 regardless of which sheet it is.

Also the data within each sheet contains references to "named Ranges" which need to be retained in the transfer if possible.,

I have tried lots of different VBA's and the RDB Merge Macro, but I come up against any one of the following issues.

a) Sometimes it asks me if I want to replace the Named Range or keep it as it is. (This is very tiresome as I have about 150 named ranges and it asks me over and over for each occurence within the sheets and the workbooks.)

b) I can get pretty close by using RDB Merge, but that restricts me to converting to "values" and does not import the headers or the formats orginally used. Also this has to be repeated for each worksheet separately.

I don't mind if the overall result converts to values as long as the headers and formats are retained for each worksheet.

I would really appreciate any help here.

Thanks so much in advance.

Please let me know if you need any other info?:)

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