VBA to produce the same page "x" amount of times


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Apr 30, 2014
In Word, I've created a template for a payment coupon book. So far I've written some code to load an input box/user form upon opening the word file. The user inputs stuff like name, payment date, payment amount, etc. After hitting submit, the user input is automatically entered into the template in the appropriate fields. I'm using bookmarks to do this.
My last piece of the puzzle is this: I need it to produce however many coupons that the user defines in one of my input boxes. Each coupon would have the same information. The only difference is the coupon ID needs to auto-increment to be a unique ID.
Think of this like producing a virtual checkbook almost. Your name, address, etc is all the same. The check number is different. This program is essentially asking how many checks you want.
Also, if this would be easier in Excel or even creating a form in Adobe please let me know. This was the only way I knew how to do it.
Feel free to ask any questions. Hope this makes sense.

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