VBA xml to json problem


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Sep 12, 2014

I have a problem with the MSXML2.XMLHTTP object in VBA.
I need to send a message in json but the auth token has double quotes in it. So in order for those double quotes to arrive in the message a backslash is used. Now by parsing the xml to Json the xmlhttp object adds an extra backslash.

Basically I send this
"Token token=\x22AAA\x22"

And the server receives this
"Token token=\\x22AAA\\x22"

Sub cmdOAuth2_Click()

  Dim webServiceURL As String
  Dim actionType As String
  Dim targetWord As String
  Dim actionType2 As String
  Dim targetWord2 As String
  webServiceURL = "https://api.esios.ree.es/archives"
  actionType = "Accept"
  targetWord = "application/json"
  actionType2 = "Content-Type"
  targetWord2 = "application/json"
  actionType3 = "Host"
  targetWord3 = "api.esios.ree.es"
  actionType4 = "Authorization"
  targetWord4 = "Token token=\x22AAA\x22"
  actionType5 = "Cookie"
  targetWord5 = " "

  With CreateObject("MSXML2.XMLHTTP")
    .Open "GET", webServiceURL, False
    .setRequestHeader actionType, targetWord
    .setRequestHeader actionType2, targetWord2
    .setRequestHeader actionType3, targetWord3
    .setRequestHeader actionType4, targetWord4
    .setRequestHeader actionType5, targetWord5
    If .Status = 200 Then
      Debug.Print .responseText
      MsgBox .getAllResponseHeaders
      Debug.Print .Status & ": " & .statusText
    End If
  End With

End Sub
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