Visio Question for Flow charts


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May 26, 2008

I am currently working on creating a visual flow of products through various process steps, which I am doing in visio.

The problem I have is with overlapping arrows. If two different parts (represented by an arrow) have the same path (ie from process A to process B) then only one arrow is shown. I also want the arrows connected to the process boxes, so I believe that this is causing the problem (so that when I move the process box, the arrows connected to the box move with the box as well). Is there a way that I can keep this connection to the process box and also show that this one arrow really represents 2 or 3 paths, not just the one that it is showing?

Thanks so much for the help! Also, does anyone know where else I could get visio help online?

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Aug 5, 2003
You can add more connection points to your check boxes, so the arrows have an extra attachment point on the side. Check the Visio Help to see how to do it -- I could try to describe it, but the location of the menu item changes with the version of Visio that you use.



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May 26, 2008
Thanks so much for the help!

This leads to one more question...I have inserted pictures for the process boxes, and these don't seem to have multiple connection X's on the sides of the boxes, so in order to "glue" the arrows to the process box the entire picture must be selected so the end of the arrow turns up red and will be "glued" to the shape. Is it possible to create more of the attachment X's on the side of the shape so that I can attach the arrows at different locations, but so they still move with the shape when I reposition it?

Thanks again!

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