Visual Basic to make Pivot Table that exports/imports data to database


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Mar 6, 2019
First let me say I'm not savvy in writing Visual Basic, so I'm really looking for guidance.
I'm trying to make table that we would use to schedule individual employees on individual jobs on individual days, and store that data in a simple Access 2016 database; Basically, its like I'm trying to set up a Pivot Table and use it as a data entry worksheet in Excel 2016 and push it to Access.
I would like to setup a table that has a header row across the top which would contain calendar days (field:ScheduledDate), a header column which would contain employee IDs (field:EmployeeID), and the table data values would be job numbers (field:JobNo). The data for EmployeeID and JobNo come from an accounting software that sets in SQL server 2016; The ScheduledDate, I was thinking, would be stored in the Access database as a static entry that we would just manually pre-fill to create the start of individual records. So, the data for each of these fields would be stored as a record in an Access database table called "Scheduling"; Scheduling has 4 fields, ID (Primary Key), ScheduledDate, EmployeeID, and JobNo.
Concept is to open the Excel file and go to this worksheet (Personnel Scheduling) and it would show the ScheduledDate along the top, the EmployeeID along the left side, and would show any already existing data in the table values. Then as you develop the schedule by entering/changing job numbers in the table, you can export/import the table data to database.
I know this is a very simplified overview, but I am just wondering if this is doable, or if someone has a much better idea. I have been checking out a lot of scheduling software, but no one seems to have anything similar to this.
Thanks in advance for any help or ideas.

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