VLOOKUP Table_Array location?


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Jul 22, 2010
I have an excel spreadsheet that is baffling me at the moment. It is an order form for a client that is using the VLookup comand. I've been doing research and I understand how to use VLookup, but I'm confused about how this spreadsheet is able to function.

The part that is confusing me is that the Table_array portion is pointing to a location on the C: drive that doesn't exist on my computer or network, and yet the table still functions. How is this possible? The code is looking for another excel table that I don't have. Where is it getting it's table information from?

Example of a line in the table (line 7):

1, RM-140, DI Water, Water, In-house, 57.0900%, 856.350, $0.100, $0.0571

Example of VLookUp code (Column C7):

=VLOOKUP(B7,'C:\MASTER\AC\APOTHECARY LAB\Cary\ApotheCary\Raw Material Pricing Database\[ApotheCary Raw Material List.XLS]Raw Material Price List'!$A$2:$Q$450,2,FALSE)

The excel works fine and I can forward it to other networks, but when I try to cut and paste cells it pops up a browse window asking me to "Update Values: ApotheCary Raw Materials.xls".

It sounds like the table has been cached inside the saved excel sheet? does that mean that there is no way to edit the original data or modify the sheet unless I had the original excel it's looking for? <!-- google_ad_section_end --><!-- EndContentMarker -->

Someone help me wrap my head around this! :confused:

*Notes: There is only one worksheet in this excel file.
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Nov 11, 2008
It is true that you cannot EDIT the original data that was returned by the VLookup since you do not have that data. Even though you're able to see the formula in the formula bar, you really only have the VALUES that the formula returned when the author created the file. When you try to copy the formula you're prompted to access/update the file & you obviously can't lookup the data from the filepath in formula since you don't have access to it.

Search "help" for "edit links" & read-up on this, it will help you understand.

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