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May 23, 2015
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Hello. I am trying to figure this out. I work at a hospital, and I want to know at any given time, how many people are in the waiting room. I have got all the statistic that will be plug in. It will be more then one day. As I change the date and time, so will the number of people waiting. In this example. At 18:30, 4 people are waiting, but you can see 2 people after the first one came in and was helped . I was thinking of COUNTIF function, but I am not sure.

This space are patient name01/04/1514:4414:50date01/04/15
01/04/1515:3915:50how many people are waitng


Thanks for your help

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Assuming your data starts in A1, G1=Date, G2=Time

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Thank you so much, I was trying to figure it out, and i new the right one was COUNTIFS. Thank you so much
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Just want to ask if this is possible. I want to see if there is a formula that I can add that will only include a person who waited more then 30 minutes. In this example, Person 1 will show up in the section for 7:00 and 7:30 because he waited more then 30 minutes

Original formula

I tried to fix the formula to what I think would work, but it didn't

accounttimewaitroomWeekDateTimehow many people
12/28/20140:520:53Week of 12/28 - 1/312/28/20140:000
12/28/20142:593:00Week of 12/28 - 1/312/28/20140:300
person 112/28/20146:167:34Week of 12/28 - 1/312/28/20141:000
person 212/28/20147:207:34Week of 12/28 - 1/312/28/20141:300
12/28/20148:078:18Week of 12/28 - 1/312/28/20142:000
12/28/20149:129:24Week of 12/28 - 1/312/28/20142:300
12/28/20149:269:36Week of 12/28 - 1/312/28/20143:000
12/28/20149:389:45Week of 12/28 - 1/312/28/20143:300
12/28/20149:4810:03Week of 12/28 - 1/312/28/20144:000
12/28/201410:2310:32Week of 12/28 - 1/312/28/20144:300
12/28/201411:0111:11Week of 12/28 - 1/312/28/20145:000
12/28/201411:5312:00Week of 12/28 - 1/312/28/20145:300
12/28/201412:0212:15Week of 12/28 - 1/312/28/20146:000
12/28/201412:4412:50Week of 12/28 - 1/312/28/20146:301
12/28/201413:0013:06Week of 12/28 - 1/312/28/20147:001
12/28/201414:1214:18Week of 12/28 - 1/312/28/20147:300
12/28/201414:2414:32Week of 12/28 - 1/312/28/20148:000

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I couldn't find a edit button. But I want to further explain what I'm looking for. In the original formula patient 1 will show in the category of 6:30, 7:00, and 7:30. I want to show him in the 7:00 and 7:30 because and not in 6:30 because he only waited 14 minute, thus he wouldn't be in the 6:30 section
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Test this one

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