webquery / requery; (automatic/webquery) link clicking is needed after initial querying | using by webquery found link for requerying

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Oct 6, 2014
I have made a dynamic webquery but i can not get the "deeplink" right.
When i input Registers van de AFM | AFM i have to hit a link (the first one to the right in the body part of the page and then i see anotherlink: A.....Volmacht B.V. | Register financiële dienstverleners | Registers van de AFM | AFM

I want to retrieve the information of this page but how do i arrange to let the webquery point to this page?

By the way, the query should point to:
[INDENT]"[TABLE="class: register_details_overview"]
[TH="colspan: 2"][B]Beleidsbepalers[/B][/TH]
[TH="class: right_cell"]Vergunningnummer[/TH]
[TR="class: odd"]
[TD="class: first"]G.P. Z...[/TD]
[TD="class: right_cell"]120.[/TD]
[TD="class: first"]R.S.... Smits[/TD]
[TD="class: right_cell"]120..[/TD]
[TR="class: odd"]
[TD="class: first"]M.M...../td>[/TD]
[TD="class: right_cell"]12.....[/TD]
How do i arrange this?

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