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Jun 25, 2015

I'm lost (per usual) and have searched long enough that I'm starting to go insane so my next step is to post my questions here.

Our sales team is needing/wanting a leader board to not only monitor and display the individual sales but also the team (groups of 4 people) sales.

So every week would be a challenge and at the end of the week a leader board would display all sales people and then one with all 11 team sales.

My first question...If Joe, Bill, and Frank (not Sally) are on Team 1 Can I have a sheet like this:

Name Sales Points Team Total
Joe 1 1 Team 1 6
Sally 2 2
Bill 3 3
Frank 2 2

Also, is there anyway to automatically sort the sheet based on rank? I can get the rank of all sales people but week by week it would be nice to not have to sort (but that's not the hardest thing in the world).

Is there a way to send an entire row to the bottom of a range based on a cell? For instance, if we have sales people who only do online sales they would get bumped below the others.


Name Sales Points Online?
Joe 1 1 N
Sally 2 2 N
Bill 3 3 N
Frank 2 2 Y

And what's the best way to get the sum and display the overall Team leader board as the weeks go by? I believe each week will be on its own sheet.

I appreciate any and all advice on this one. The most difficult part is probably getting what I want (and what I want to ask) from my brain to right here...so hopefully I made a little sense.

Thanks in advanced!

- Dan
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