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Feb 8, 2002
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Way back in 1999, I launched the first MrExcel Message Board using a WWWBoard Perl Script from Matt's Script Archive. Later, we migrated to phpBB and then to vBulletin. The vBulletin board lasted for 12 years. But with vBulletin no longer being supported, as of November 17, 2019, we have migrated the MrExcel forum to a new Xenforo platform.

Planning for the migration took over six months. The actual migration took 27 hours. Here are some stats:

Here are some benefits to the members:
  • It is safer. Xenforo is actively being updated and patched.
  • It is designed for modern browsers. It can handle mobile better than vBulletin.
  • All of the previous content has been migrated. Unlike some other forums, we value the past content and strive to keep everything.
We expect that you will discover some feature missing from vBulletin. Let us know and we will work to bridge those gaps in the coming weeks & months. The same thing happened during the migration from phpBB to vBulletin - there was a "settling in" period where we added functionality that was missing.

One of the biggest changes: the new board does not support HTML. While we appreciate all of the Excel-to-HTML utilities in use, allowing HTML to be posted to the board is a gateway for problems. Instead, we are releasing a free XL2BB utility that you can use to post your code to the board. Alternatively, you can use any Snipping tool to shoot a photo of your worksheet and paste the picture directly into the post as I've done above. See my video describing both here:

For most old threads that used various versions of Excel Jeannie or HTML Maker, we've attempted to convert the HTML to XL2BB. There are some posts that used non-standard HTML and those posts will be converted over time.

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