This forum is provided to post questions about Excel in different languages than English.

Please understand that there isn't ANY guarantee that there is a person who can answer your question in your own language, but do post anyway, maybe there is !


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heh heh heee.... Aladin, her zamanki gibi formundasın yine :)


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Een berichtje om je te vertellen dat je hier eventueel in het Nederlands terecht kan. Ook de wereldvermaarde Aladin Akyurek schijnt Nederlands te spreken. :cool: De vraag blijft natuurlijk of we net weten wat jij zal vragen. :rolleyes:
Je kan altijd proberen :D

Ce petit message pour vous rassurer qu'il y a des membres qui maîtrisent le français :wink:
Hm, maîtriser c'est beaucoup dit. En plus c'est pas sûr qu'on soit doué pour la partie Excel sur laquelle vous allez poser votre question :unsure:
Enfin vous pouvez toujours essayer :D



bade achhe log yahan par vartaalaap kar rahe hain. oonche log oonchi pasand.


MrExcel MVP,
Testing if Japanese Font works.




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Hello you lovely admin people

How about a poll to see how many languages can actually be assisted in? You could start me off with Urdu, Hindi and Gujarati. I could do French, but would defer to the francophones and step in with my pidgeon french if there is no one else around.

Sal Paradise

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Spanish seems to be covered, as does French, Hindi and Turkish. I'm guessing that Flemish/Dutch is covered by Erik Van Geit, and it seems as if Colo is able to speak Japanese. Perhaps a list of languages covered with speakers of the language next to it could be added as a sticky? That way if someone has a question, they can direct it to the forum and possibly send a PM to that member?

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