What is early binding and late binding


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I am new to these concepts.
Not requesting for exact answers.
You may also help me with useful links for these two.

I know Google will help, but trying to seek help from experts here.
Also, I have another question here.
Not sure if I can merge it here only.

How does early binding or late binding affects compatibility when moving from older access version to Office 365.
Please pardon my ignorance, I am novice to access and need to work on these issues.
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I have few access files with me.
These are of older versions
Now these are supposed to work in Office 365.

For this compatibility scenario, what are the points that I should check.
I do not know what will get affected in this migration.
Can experts here guide me in this please.

I am new to access and do not know what are the things that I should check in such scenario.
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Hi welshgasman sir, thanks for the help. Sorry for late reply.
Am checking this and will revert with details. Have a nice day ahead. :)


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Simply put:
Late binding = declaring obejct variables as Object.
Early Binding = declaring object variables as a specific type.


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I might be asking silly or wrong question.Apologies.

I have few such examples in my code.
Am not able to understand if these relates to early binding, late binding or none.

Can anyone of please help me understanding these.
Looking at below examples how to identify if any of these relates to early binding or late bindings.

Or is it even possible to identify by looking at these isolated lines from the code.

Dim Q_EXECUTE As QueryDef
Set Q_EXECUTE =CurrentDb.QueryDefs("QRY_GetServices")

Dim dbSource As DAO.Database
Set dbSource = OpenDatabase(SourceDatabase)

Dim oDB As Object
Set oDB = CurrentProject

To give you an overview, my basic task isconvert all the early binding items from the code to late binding.
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The first two pairs are early binding, the last is late binding (declared as Object).


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Hi RoryA sir, thanks a lot for the help.
Have a nice day ahead. :)

One question , if you get time.
Is it possible to convert all the early binding items to late binding.
Or we have limitations there too.

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