When Can You Call Yourself A Professional Developer ?


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Feb 24, 2005
I am just wondering how much someone needs to know about Access before they can start calling themselves a Professional Access Developer.
Do I need to be able to write my own book on VBA ?
Do I need to have the entire VBA syntax memorized ?
Do I also need to know Visual Basic, SQL Server, etc ?
Do Professionals still need to use an Access reference book ?
If I were to apply for a job as a Access Developer, how much will I be expected to know from memory as opposed to looking it up in a book ?
Just Wondering !!

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This is a pretty subjective field.
I would imagine a lot would depend on the client. Most of the time a professional is someone who will get the job done effectively and efficiently. Does this mean that you have to have all the syntax memorized? Probably not, but you will have a good understanding of the syntax and can refer to reference material to aid in formatting. With that being said, I think knowing what is possible with the functions and languages goes very far in being a professional so you can come up with the best possible solutions for the client.

You may be expected to take a "test" to validate your access skills prior to a client hiring you.

Hope this helps.

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From an Access Developer

You will use your Access developer's book a lot. You don't have to have VBA memorized BUT be very comfortable using VBA and SQL. You don't have to have a book written BUT it is always handy to save specific code you have written because when you've been doing it awhile you will say "I did that before, now how?"

Good luck.
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I have been a database developer (strictly Access) for about 6 years. I carry some access books with me and refer to them often. In all these years I have used very little SQL and even less VBA. Usually if you work hard enough you can find a work around. But there are some things that you just have to code. In these situations I find it here or on other message boards. I have made a living at it all these years and I think the secret to being a database professional is knowing what the client wants and what he needs to give you so that you can meet that need. I have done work for major universities, hospitals, fortune 500 companies and even mom and pop businesses using this philosophy. Works ok so far. Good Luck!

PS..Having said this learn all the VBA and SQL you can it will make your life alot easier.
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I agree with the other guys. In the end, however much you know, someone out there knows more than you so there isn't a specific knowledge cut-off. However...

If you can solve the client's problems and give them the solution they need, you'll go a long way to getting called back for the next project, and having your name referred on to other clients. So, get to understand their business needs, so that what you do adds value. Get a solid understanding of the Access interface, learn how to make form controls do what you want, and learn enough VBA and SQL to get by. And don't be tempted to take quick and dirty shortcuts -- they come back to bite you.

Once you build up a set of resources, you'll go back to them over and over.

Good luck!

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