Why is my Excel shutting down?


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I've been running the same macro-enabled spreadsheet almost daily for years...well, this one happens to grab NHL stats. I'm using Office 365.

Last night I had run a different spreadsheet using the fuzzyvlookup function that's been posted here for years, copying a formula down some 2500 rows before heading to bed. It had finished when I got up. However, after closing that file I opened my NHL file and it keeps wanting to close/reopen/repair and even if it stays open (or I open in safe mode) the buttons I have for running macros and the names in my name manager aren't there (even tho they were when I last saved the file yesterday when it still ran normally).

I've had some issues before after running fuzzyvlookup, but restarting Excel or, at worst, rebooting my computer has normally cleared it up before. Not this time, not even after re-installing Office!

Do I have to completely uninstall and reinstall? Or what is causing this? To be honest, I've had some issue with this ever since going to 365, often keeping a blank workbook open so Excel doesn't shut down opening the one I want to work in.


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