Worksheet linked to Pivot Table - Automatically Insert Rows


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Oct 24, 2020
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I'm using Excel in Office 365. I have a worksheet linked to a Pivot Table in the same workbook. The worksheet is linked via cell references on the pivot table table. Here's the problem: Whenever new rows of data are added to the pivot table, the worksheet does not automatically update with these new rows. I have to go to the worksheet and manually drag down the formulas so they reference the new pivot table rows. This happens in reverse when rows are deleted from the pivot table. I have to manually delete rows on the worksheet so they match the pivot table.

Example: 1) The pivot table contains 10 rows and the linked spreadsheet shows those 10 rows. 2) The pivot table is refreshed and now has 20 rows, but the linked spreadsheet still only shows 10 linked rows. 3)Then I have to go to the worksheet and manually change the cell references to include the 10 new rows from the pivot table.

Is there a way to have my data on the linked worksheet automatically adjust for changes in the number of rows on the Pivot table? Thanks for your help

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