worksheet.vPageBreaks.Count returns zero (0)


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Jul 18, 2019

I am attempting to determine a method of jumping to the first row of the next page, where the page breaks are automatically generated by Excel (A4 page size, automatic height/width).
I figured it would be possible to do this by comparing the current row with data from vPageBreaks in the sheet, however the process seems to be struggling to pickup information about these page breaks.

I have tried two methods so far:

  1. searching each subsequent row for the XlPageBreak enumeration, until a row is found with value not equal to -4142
  2. search array of vPageBreaks in worksheet for next vPageBreak after current row

However, the following problems were encountered for each method respectively.

  1. Although examining the row using the immediate window returned -4105 (xlPageBreakAutomatic), the same row when examined as part of the ongoing operation returned -4142 (xlPageBreakNone) just like every other row. The page break did not seem to register.
  2. No page breaks are recognised:

Input: Debug.Print ("Count: " & CStr(Worksheets(2).VPageBreaks.Count))
Output: Count: 0

Some assistance would be appreciated.

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Mar 10, 2004
Maybe you mean horizontal page breaks...

Debug.Print ("Count: " & CStr(Worksheets(2).HPageBreaks.Count))


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