ZOOM makro doesn't work


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Jul 21, 2010
I've a problem! I programmed a ZOOM makro with scrollbars. It should zoom in or out if one ore both of the scrollbars values change. The zooming function doesn't work and an other problem is, that if the programm is started, on every worksheet should be add the two scrollabrs to each chart. My english is not the best, hope you'll understand my problem!

This is my code:

Option Explicit
Private Sub ScrollBar()

Dim ScrollBar As String
Dim chartname As String
Dim a As Integer
Dim b As Integer

Dim a1 As String
Dim b1 As String
Dim x1 As Integer
Dim x2 As Integer
Dim nMaxZeilen As Integer
Dim NewFileName() As String
Dim Min As Double
Dim Max As Double
Dim Chart As String
Dim sheetname As String
Chart = "Chart 1"
Dim Counter As Integer
Dim nMaxZeilen2 As String
Dim varname1, varname2 As String
varname1 = "scrolmin"
varname2 = "scrolmax"
Dim chtobj As ChartObject

Dim xposi As Integer
Dim yposi As Integer
xposi = 0
yposi = 0
Dim Msg As String
Dim n As Integer
Dim ws As Worksheet
Dim iiii As Integer
Dim cht_width As Integer
Dim cht_height As Integer
Dim Top_Position As Integer
Dim Left_Position As Integer
Dim k As Integer
nMaxZeilen = 0

iiii = 1

For Each ws In ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets
n = ws.Chartobjects.Count

k = 0
Do While n > k

sheetname = ActiveSheet.Name
k = k + 1

'For Each chtobj In ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets

chartname = ActiveChart.Name
NewFileName = Split(chartname, " ")
ActiveSheet.Chartobjects(NewFileName(1) & " " & NewFileName(2)).Activate

cht_width = ActiveSheet.Chartobjects(NewFileName(1) & " " & NewFileName(2)).Width
cht_height = ActiveSheet.Chartobjects(NewFileName(1) & " " & NewFileName(2)).Height
Top_Position = ActiveSheet.Chartobjects(NewFileName(1) & " " & NewFileName(2)).Top
Left_Position = ActiveSheet.Chartobjects(NewFileName(1) & " " & NewFileName(2)).Left
iiii = iiii + 1

nMaxZeilen = ActiveSheet.UsedRange.Rows.Count

nMaxZeilen2 = nMaxZeilen

Range("Ij1") = "=min(a4:a" & nMaxZeilen & ")"
a = Range("Ij1")

Range("Ij2") = "=max(a4:a" & nMaxZeilen & ")"
b = Range("Ij2")


ActiveSheet.ScrollBars.Add(Left_Position, Top_Position - 10, cht_width, 10).Name = varname1

With Selection 'von min bis x1
.value = Range("II1") ' = variable durch schieber definiert!!!
.Min = a ' = a
.Max = b ' = x2
.SmallChange = 1
.LargeChange = 10
.LinkedCell = "$II$1"
.Display3DShading = True
End With

ActiveSheet.ScrollBars.Add(Left_Position, Top_Position, cht_width, 10).Name = varname2

With Selection
.value = Range("II2")
.Min = a
.Max = b
.SmallChange = 1
.LargeChange = 10
.LinkedCell = "$II$2"
.Display3DShading = True

End With

a = Range("Ij1")
b = Range("Ij2")

ActiveSheet.Chartobjects(NewFileName(1) & " " & NewFileName(2)).Activate

With ActiveChart.Axes(xlCategory)
.MinimumScale = a '=a
.MaximumScale = b '=b
.MinorUnitIsAuto = True
.MajorUnitIsAuto = True
.Crosses = xlAutomatic
.ReversePlotOrder = False
.ScaleType = xlLinear
.DisplayUnit = xlNone
.HasTitle = True
.AxisTitle.Characters.Text = "Time "
End With

If k < 3 Then
xposi = xposi + 400
xposi = 0
yposi = yposi + 500
End If

xposi = 0
yposi = 0


End Sub

Thanking you in anticipation!

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Aug 1, 2010
Doesn't the status bar have a zoom?
So the user can select the chart and use the status bar zoom.
Alternately, on open of the WB, you can set the zoom on mouse roll, assuming the mouse is a roller-mouse.
Application.RollZoom = True
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