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Trying to convert a supplier price book in Excel to match their UPC codes to our UPC code system.

I have a database of events in Excel and my boss wants me to plot frequency charts by month.

Is there any way to have Excel show or print the formulas rather than me having to move the cell pointer to check each formula in the formula bar?

If you are a small business owner using Quickbooks or Peachtree, you owe it to yourself to take an hour to experiment with this tool. It is called the Small Business Financial Manager.

I build a monthly transaction list in Excel. At the end of the month, I need to eliminate the redundant data and come up with a total by account code.

I don't want to hide the rows, I just want to suppress their printing in Excel.

Is there a way to print a table of contents based on Excel worksheet names so I can quickly turn to page #xx?

Trying to create a timeline by using timeline options in the chart wizard, but unfortunately, they did not look too appealing.

Microsoft says that you can now store data as XML and easily re-purpose the data. Open the same data file and it looks one way in Excel, open the data file and it looks another way in Word. It is very powerful.