Excel Tips

Selecting Files Within VBA »

October 18, 2001

How can I open a workbook in VBA choosing from a list?

Removing External Links »

October 17, 2001

Delete External Links utilities.

Naming a Worksheet as the Value of a Target Cell »

October 16, 2001

How can I change the name of the worksheet only, with text located in cell A1?

Use a CSE Formula (Array Formula) to Perform Super-Calculations on Data »

October 16, 2001

Use array formulas (CSE Formula) to perform super-calculations in Microsoft Excel. A single array formula can replace 5000 other formulas, but only if you know the secret keystrokes. Let MrExcel demystify these powerful Excel formulas.

Subtotal Without Grouping »

October 15, 2001

I have a column of numbers that I want to add. But I want subtotals for each person who may have more than one number.

Text Value Response to Input »

October 15, 2001

Your ace pitcher starts to look weary in the 6th inning and then gets in trouble in the 7th inning. Can you show me a formula in Excel to tell if I should pull him out of the game?

Automatically Get the Date and Time »

October 15, 2001

Is there a way to get the date and time automatically by creating a formula?

Formula to Add Years to a Given Date »

October 14, 2001

Using DATE() function to add years to a given date.

Open a Userform When a Workbook is Opened »

October 13, 2001

Use Workbook_Open to open a Userform when a workbook is opened