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How to change the macro so it writes the data to the active cell rather than a named one.

How to get a macro to run automatically when the user opens a workbook.

How to eliminate slashes from file names when saving with macro.

Is it possible to change a cell value without changing the formula?

I just want to know if there is a way to delete decimal point in the amount thus converting it to text.

Some other basic Excel tips to make your life easier.

A small list of Excel Keyboard Shortcuts to make your life a little easier.

Conditional formatting allows for 3 conditions. By setting up conditions correctly, you can really allow for 4 conditions when the default formatting of the cell is considered.

VLOOKUP is a powerful tool. Sometimes, if an exact match is not found, a value other than the standard #N/A is desirable.

How to change the case globally so that it is properly formatted.

Is there a way to remove multiple hyperlinks?

How to count cells by interior color using VBA.

How to split the contents of a cell in to columns.

How to eliminate "Enable Macros" message box.

How to examine a range of cells and return a certain value if any one of the cells in the range contains a certain word.

How to calculate and display the largest value.

How to automatically add a character in a cell.

How to have IF function to return Yes or No.

How to close a workbook without saving it by using VBA.

How to create and name a new worksheet with Visual Basic for Applications - VBA