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Add a Tooltip to a Cell with Validation. Photo credit: oldskool photography at

Excel 2020: Add a Tooltip to a Cell with Validation »

March 4, 2020

In a previous tip, I suggested using Notes for a help system. The problem with notes: it is possible to arrow in to a cell without ever hovering over the red triangle and the note might be missed. You can use the Data Validation dialog to set up a tooltip for a cell. The tooltip is only visible when the cell is the active cell.

Excel Old Style Comments Are Available as Notes. Photo Credit: Kelly Sikkema at

Excel 2020: Old Style Comments Are Available as Notes »

March 2, 2020

While the new threaded comments are cool, there are some great tricks that the old legacy comments offered that are lost with the threaded comments. Luckily, if you have a situation requiring one of the special tricks, the old comments are still available as Notes.

Excel New Threaded Comments Allow Conversations. Photo Credit: Mihai Surdu at

Excel 2020: New Threaded Comments Allow Conversations »

February 27, 2020

Threaded comments debuted in 2018. When you insert a comment, Excel stores the comment, the author, the date, and time. When a co-worker sees your comment, they can click Reply and add a new comment to the same cell. Each set of comments lists the author, date, and time.

Excel Undo an AutoSave. Photo Credit: Miguel A. Amutio at

Excel 2020: Undo an AutoSave »

February 26, 2020

What if you have to undo an AutoSave? Your manager said to merge two regions and then 20 minutes later calls the merger off. AutoSave has been saving after every change in your workbook.

Composite Solution to Podcast 2316 Challenge »

February 25, 2020

After studying all of the ideas sent from viewers, I have chosen my favorite techniques from each video.

Formula Solutions »

February 25, 2020

While I expected mostly Power Query or VBA solutions to the problem, there were some cool formula solutions.

Old School Helper Columns »

February 25, 2020

Thanks to Kevin Lehrbass (of for sending in an old-school solution with helper columns and regular Excel formulas.

One Dynamic Array Formula »

February 25, 2020

YouTuber Rico S took a completely different approach. His table is generated by a single dynamic array formula.

Power Query: The World of Bill Szysz »

February 25, 2020

After reviewing 29 different entries, I am declaring the winner to be Bill Szysz! Bill is one of those people who are comfortable typing queries without using the Power Query interface. He writes, “This can be done in dozens of ways. I am sending you four.”

Power Query: Beyond the User Interface: Table.Split and More »

February 25, 2020

While the Power Query interface is very powerful, those who can go beyond the interface have super powers.

Excel MVPs Attack the Data Cleansing Problem in Power Query »

February 25, 2020

Excel MVP Oz Du Soleil from Excel on Fire channel on YouTube mentioned Brazilian Bull Rider Kaique Pachecho. Oz was the first person to notice that I went the slow way to add the four quarters.

Sorting the Line Items »

February 25, 2020

One of the problems with my solution is that the final sequence of the categories did not necessarily match the original sequence of the columns. I realized this at the very end of my video, and since it was not particularly important, I did not worry about it.