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How to add a percentage in all cells in a range.

Using InputBoxes »


Sometimes, the InputBox function just isn't enough, you need to let the user point to a cell instead of having to write in what you want.

How to modify the background color of a cell using VBA.

How to break an expression of Msgbox into 3 lines and insert a blank line into such an expression.

One good use of Data Validation comes when there's a need to link two or more dropdown list, making them dependant.

How to use RANK without repetitive ranks.

Is there a quick way of adding every other cell?

How can I format a cell that has data in seconds to show it as hours:minutes:seconds?

When I call Help without using the assistant (F1) Excel resizes itself to allow the Help window and the spreadsheet to be visible at the same time. Is there anything to prevent this?

How to fill a column with the last date of the month, starting with the last date of one particular month.

I'm trying to calculate the median of salaries with a particular job code within a large set of data... something like a Sumif function but to calculate the median.

Is there anyway in Excel that I can round numbers to nearest number?

How can I have VLOOKUP return a 0 or a empty string instead of #N/A?

How to move from cell to another (and skip some cells) by pressing the tab key or some other key.

How to find the last used row in a particular sheet.

Select / activate the mandatory custom textbox control on a userform.

How to add the number of cells in a column and then divide into the dollar total of that column.

One of my Outlook contacts is incorrectly set to send e-mail to the wrong address. I can change it, but the mail sent to the MyTeam distribution list still goes to the old address.

Quickly format cells to indicate which ones have formulas and which have values.

How to return a date that is the end of the month.