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Print Every Value In Page Field »

September 10, 2002

I have an Excel pivot table set up with 150 different values in the page field. How can I run a macro to print each individual page?

Prevent Excel Duplicates »

September 3, 2002

How to make sure that duplicate invoice numbers are not entered in a particular Excel column.

Play Sound In Excel »

August 27, 2002

I have an Excel worksheet that calculates a value. If the cell value is > 100 I need a midi file to be played.

Pivot Table Tips »

August 20, 2002

Here are some obscure Excel pivot table tricks which will help you get the most out of pivot tables.

Pivot Table Horizontal To Vertical »

August 13, 2002

Excel pivot tables work best when the data is broken down into the most records possible, but this is not always the most intuitive way to load the data into Excel.

Pivot Table Group Dates By Month »

August 6, 2002

There is a simple method with in a pivot table to have the date field converted to weeks, months, quarters or years.

Pivot Table Chart Colors »

July 30, 2002

We're trying to compare data across 20 years, so having the same colors for each chart is essential.

Pasting Without Excel Gridlines »

July 23, 2002

When you build a table in Excel with the intent of pasting that table into PowerPoint, it is easy to turn off the gridlines so that the PowerPoint slides look cleaner.

Paste Special Add Operation »

July 16, 2002

If you have been working with spreadsheets since the days of Lotus 1-2-3, then you know how to Range Value cells with formulas in order to change the entries from formulas to values.

Reset ScreenUpdating for Forward Compatibility with Excel XP »

July 13, 2002

Reset ScreenUpdating for Forward Compatibility with Excel XP.

Add a Certain Number to All Numbers in a Range »

July 12, 2002

How to add a certain number to all numbers in a range by using PasteSpecial.

Paste Macro Into VBA »

July 9, 2002

What is VBA? Where do I paste the macro?