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Simplify Naming a Range »

July 8, 2002

Use Cells(Row, Column).Name = "MyRange" to simplify naming a range.

Loop Through Cells »

July 7, 2002

Use Cells(Row, Column) instead of Range() when looping through several columns.

Pasted Text is Inexplicably Automatically Parsed »

July 6, 2002

Every time that I copy data from another application and paste it into Excel, the data is inexplicably being parsed into two columns. What is going on?

CountIf or SumIf in Excel with Two Conditions »

July 5, 2002

For a SUMIF or COUNTIF formula with 2 conditions, you need to use an array formula.

Numeric Chart Series Captions »

July 2, 2002

Excel makes it very easy to get a default chart up and running.

Macro When Excel Cell Changes »

June 25, 2002

Excel to run a macro every time a value changes in the Excel spreadsheet.

Macro To Insert Worksheet »

June 18, 2002

Duplicate worksheets by giving incremental names.

Macro To Add Daily Report »

June 11, 2002

I need to import a file daily. I'd like to add the file each day to an existing Excel workbook and have the worksheet named for the d/m/y.

Join Excel Cell Values »

June 4, 2002

I have imported a file into Excel. The zip code is broken into 2 cells. The 5 digit part of the zip code is in column E, the 4 digit part of the zip code is in column F. I need to join them into a single cell.

Quickly Navigate to Any Worksheet »

June 4, 2002

How to quickly navigate to any worksheet.

Highlight Due Dates »

May 28, 2002

Search a column and highlight red the cells that contain today's date.

Increment a Counter Everytime a Userform is Opened »

May 25, 2002

How to increment a number by one each time the user form is opened.