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Excel Tips to Make Life Easier »

May 15, 2002

Some other basic Excel tips to make your life easier.

Gantt Chart With Conditional Formatting »

May 14, 2002

Is there any way to take two columns holding start and stop dates for individual events and create a Gantt type chart without having to leave Excel?

Common Helpful Excel Keyboard Shortcuts »

May 14, 2002

A small list of Excel Keyboard Shortcuts to make your life a little easier.

Conditional Formatting Considering the 4th Option »

May 10, 2002

Conditional formatting allows for 3 conditions. By setting up conditions correctly, you can really allow for 4 conditions when the default formatting of the cell is considered.

Changing NA to an Actual Response Text »

May 9, 2002

VLOOKUP is a powerful tool. Sometimes, if an exact match is not found, a value other than the standard #N/A is desirable.

Function To Merge Two Columns »

May 7, 2002

Area codes are in one column, and a 7 digit phone number is in the next column. How to merge these 2 columns together.

Change All Caps to Proper Text »

May 1, 2002

How to change the case globally so that it is properly formatted.

Fill Excel Blank Rows Macro »

April 23, 2002

I have an Excel spreadsheet that is hundreds of pages long and many columns wide.

Removing Hyperlinks from a Worksheet »

April 18, 2002

Is there a way to remove multiple hyperlinks?

Counting Cells by Interior Color Using VBA »

April 17, 2002

How to count cells by interior color using VBA.

Filename Derived From A Cell »

April 16, 2002

How can I write an Excel VBA macro to save the current Excel file with a filename derived from cell A1?