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Changing Numbers to Text »

November 8, 2001

Looking for a way to change text that looks like numbers to real text.

Parsing Date String »

November 7, 2001

I have the date 19960105 for example, but excel doesn't recognize it as a date without me having to put two slashes into it.

Click Through Ratio In Excel »

November 6, 2001

My website gets 300 hits each weekday and 100 hits each weekend day. After 4 weeks, I have received 7 orders. How do I calculate the click through ratio in Excel?

Sorting IP Addresses »

November 1, 2001

How to properly sort IP addresses in a column.

Add Row While Copying And Manipulating Data »

November 1, 2001

Do you have a macro that can add rows at the bottom or at cell pointer, then copy from the previous row and insert the data in the new row?

Referencing a Worksheet with Object Variable »

October 30, 2001

Use Set to create an Object Variable instead of a regular variable when referencing worksheets.

Average Using Pivot Table »

October 30, 2001

I use Excel to monitor my glucose levels several times a day. After a month of readings, I want to see an Excel table showing the average glucose level in each hour of the day.

Round Time to the Nearest Quarter Hour »

October 29, 2001

I need to enter a series of time values in military time. Then, I need to total them up and round to the nearest quarter hour.

Make the Header Row Stay Visible as You Scroll Through Data »

October 28, 2001

I have a very long spreadsheet with many columns of numbers. I am looking for a way to make the header row "float" near the top of the data pane while scrolling down for each reference.

Count Text or Numeric Entries with COUNTA instead of COUNT »

October 27, 2001

Is there a function which will count the number of text entries in the column?

Find the Longest Content in Cells »

October 26, 2001

I want to write an formula which calculates the max of length of the column values.

Highlight The Active Cell »

October 25, 2001

I am working on a event code for highlighting the active cell, basically show change the background color of the active cell.