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Open a Userform When a Workbook is Opened »

October 13, 2001

Use Workbook_Open to open a Userform when a workbook is opened

Locking Cells to Protect Critical Data »

October 12, 2001

Need to find a way which can create a command that makes the cursor jump from one cell to another after pressing the enter-button.

Excel Time Series Chart »

November 21, 1999

The Excel data that I have needs to be plotted against time down to the minute. The Excel data points are randomly spaced, so there is not an equivalent amount of time between each data point.

Convert Feet and Inches to Decimal Feet »

February 7, 1999

In Excel, learn how to take a single column of feet, inches, and fractional inches and use the custom function Feet () to convert to decimal feet and back. This Excel user-defined function will make it easy to convert between measurements that are easily human-readable and convert them to measurements which are good for calculating. MrExcel will teach you how to use a customer function to do the conversion in Excel.

Convert Excel Days To Months »

November 21, 1998

I want to use an Excel pivottable to summarize the data, but I want to see it at the month level instead of at the daily level.