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Differences in Excel Versions »

February 2, 2002

Microsoft is pretty good about making sure that features from one version work in the next version.

Running Total in Adjacent Cell »

February 1, 2002

How to keep a running total of the numbers I put in a column.

Split the Content into Two Columns »

January 31, 2002

I am trying to convert one column that has both last name and first name (LAST NAME, FIRST NAME M.I.) in it to two columns.

Add a Percentage in All Cells in a Range »

January 30, 2002

How to add a percentage in all cells in a range.

Event Macro To Change Excel Header »

January 29, 2002

How to get the path where the document is filed indicated in the header or footer - or anywhere in the document.

Using InputBoxes »

January 29, 2002

Sometimes, the InputBox function just isn't enough, you need to let the user point to a cell instead of having to write in what you want.

Changing Cell Background Color »

January 28, 2002

How to modify the background color of a cell using VBA.

Multiple Lines in Message Box »

January 27, 2002

How to break an expression of Msgbox into 3 lines and insert a blank line into such an expression.

Linking Dropdowns with Data Validation »

January 26, 2002

One good use of Data Validation comes when there's a need to link two or more dropdown list, making them dependant.

Ranking without Repetitive Ranks »

January 25, 2002

How to use RANK without repetitive ranks.

Adding Every Other Cell in a Column »

January 24, 2002

Is there a quick way of adding every other cell?

Convert Seconds to Time Format »

January 23, 2002

How can I format a cell that has data in seconds to show it as hours:minutes:seconds?