Excel Tips

Multiply Hours by Rate »

December 12, 2001

I have figured out how to add Hour:Min, but now that I have that total - How do I multiply that times Dollars per hour?

DigDB Addin For Excel »

December 11, 2001

If you are responsible for dealing with lots of data in Excel, then this is the best price your company will ever spend for an Excel add-in.

Getting Rid of Broken Links »

December 7, 2001

How can I get rid of broken links after receiving an e-mailed workbook?

Rounding Numbers »

December 6, 2001

How can I round a result to get just the whole number portion?

Not Enough Memory Message »

December 5, 2001

I have created a VBA macro which has to create about 50 Charts from one worksheet. The problem is that everytime I run the program when I get to the certain chart an error message displays "Not enough memory".

Copy VBA Module »

December 4, 2001

It is easy to use the Sheets.Copy command to copy a worksheet to a new workbook, but it is not as easy to copy a module to the new workbook.

Copying Subtotaled Data »

December 3, 2001

How to copy a sheet that has been subtotaled and then condensed to totals, to another sheet without all of the underlying detail.

Bypass Delete Confirmation »

November 29, 2001

How to stop delete confirmation box.

Create In Cell Column Chart »

November 27, 2001

How to create an in-cell chart to illustrate a percentage.