Change the Default File Location

November 13, 2021 - by Bill Jelen

Change the Default File Location

Problem: Most of the time, I want to save or open files from a certain folder.

Strategy: Go to File, Options, Save. About half way through the first section, you can specify the default local file location.

Choose Save to Computer By Default. Specify the default local file location is a path such as C:\aaa\
Figure 151. Have Open or Save As always start in this folder.

Problem: I've been working on a file. I need to open the file location in Windows Explorer.

Strategy: A new feature appeared in Office 365 early in 2019. Go to File, Info and you can either copy the path or open the document location.

The Info panel now shows the path where the file is stored. There are buttons to Copy Path or Open File Location.
Figure 152. This is new in Office 365.

If you are in an earlier version of Excel, customize the Quick Access Toolbar and add Document Location to the QAT. While the folder path is often too wide for the box, you can right-click and copy the path.

Add Document Location to the QAT. You can right-click and choose Copy.
Figure 153. Add Document Location to the Quick Access Toolbar.

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