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Cool Spreadsheets to Download

December 04, 2008

Occasionally, I receive an e-mail from someone who has developed a cool spreadsheet and they would like to donate it, to allow anyone who can use it, to download it for free. I will occassionally update this page to include some of these spreadsheets. If you have a spreadsheet you would like to share, send it to bill at

Please Note

There is no warranty with any of these spreadsheets. They are developed by people just like you and me. They may or may not be subject matter experts. Before you make any decisions based on these spreadsheets, do some testing to make sure the results make sense.

Bi-Weekly Mortgage Calculator

submitted by Robert Phillips of Cleveland Ohio


You can save a lot of interest by paying half of your mortgage payment every payday instead of once a month. In addition to getting the equivalent of 13 payments a year, you will save interest by making half the payment early. This application by Robert Phillips shows the actual savings. Enter a few cells about your mortgage and the chart will update to show how much you could save by starting to making bi-weekly payments. Cool side benefit: VBA programmers might want to check out Robert's code for adjusting the scale of the y-axis in response to the numbers entered in the spreadsheet.

Speedometer from a Pie Chart

submitted by Richard Cantin of Toronto Canada


Speedometer charts are becoming popular on executive dashboards. If you don't want the full-featured Speedometer utility from Mala Singh, you can knock out a quick speedometer using a Pie Chart, as illustrated in Richard's workbook.

Monopoly Dice

submitted by Brett Stewart of Brisbane Australia


Excel 2007 Only. Press the F9 key to roll a couple of dice to replace the missing dice in Monopoly. While it is easy to knock out a couple of =RANDBETWEEN(1,6) formulas to do this, Brett used some great formatting to bring the dice to life.

List Files

submitted by Bill Jelen of Akron, USA


Not compatible with Excel 2007!. Do you ever wish you could sort and filter a list of files? With this utility, enter a path name, click the button, and you will have a list of files, one file per row in Excel. The utility provides the file name, the path name, and last modified date/time. You can specify to include files found in subfolders.

Advanced Filter Tip

submitted by Brad Kennedy of Brisbane, Australia


Brad's comments: Excel will not let you record an advanced filter being copied to another worksheet. However, if you record the macro in the current worksheet then go and edit the destination in the macro it will work! A report example is included to demonstrate the usefulness of this technique.

Monthly Income & Expense Tracking

submitted by Doug Wilson of Ontario, Canada


Keep track of monthly income vs. expenditures.

Grocery Shopping List

submitted by Doug Wilson of Ontario, Canada


An easy way to prepare a shopping list of regurlarly purchased items and the approximate costs.

Creat Jewel Case Insert/Cover

submitted by Doug Wilson of Ontario, Canada


Easy to use workbook to create jewel case insert/cover with lots of flexibility.