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Ctrl+F for Sheet Names?

April 25, 2017 - by Bill Jelen

Ctrl+F for Sheet Names?

Excel - Can you use the Find dialog to find a worksheet name?

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  • Todd is looking for a way to use Ctrl + F Find for worksheet names.
  • Before solving Todd's problem, review the Navigation Worksheet tricks:
  • Ctrl + Click Right Arrow to go to last sheet
  • Ctrl + Click Left Arrow to go to first sheet
  • Right-click in arrow area to bring up a list of sheets
  • But none of that helps if the worksheets aren't in sequence.
  • Solution: Ctrl + G or F5 to open Go To dialog. Type Sheet Name, then !A1 and click OK

Auto-Generated Transcript

  • Learn Excel from MrExcel Podcast
  • episode 2083
  • find worksheets hey welcome back to mr.
  • excel NetCast I'm bill gel and today
  • Todd from Indianapolis and I had this
  • conversation last week Todd says hey can
  • you use ctrl F to find a worksheet and
  • then Todd why not explain that he has a
  • hundred and fifty worksheets in the
  • workbook and the first thing I said well
  • Todd you know how to use these things
  • down here not just not just right right
  • right but if you hold down ctrl and
  • right goes all the way to the end or
  • ctrl + left it goes all the way to the
  • end or right-click and you get a list of
  • all them but if you have 150 of them and
  • they're not in order that is a major
  • pain it doesn't work alright so there's
  • no good way with ctrl F to find a
  • worksheet name because yeah I mean it's
  • looking for cell values habo you need to
  • press ctrl G or f5 that opens the go-to
  • dialog box and let's say we're looking
  • forward D 286 you can type in d 286
  • exclamation point a1 like that and bam
  • it will jump right to that sheet as long
  • as it exists all right wrap up Todd is
  • looking for a way to use ctrl F fine for
  • worksheet names before solving to Hots
  • problem I reviewed their navigation
  • worksheet tricks ctrl + click the right
  • arrow to move to the last sheet ctrl +
  • click the left arrow to go to the first
  • sheet or right-click in the arrow area
  • to bring up a list of sheets but none of
  • that helps if the worksheets aren't in
  • sequence and you have a hundred of them
  • or 150 of them so use either ctrl G or
  • f5 to open the go-to dialog box type the
  • sheet name then bang a 1 bang
  • exclamation point a 1 and click OK all
  • right hey I want to thank Todd for
  • giving me that question at our
  • Indianapolis seminar and I want to thank
  • you for stopping by we'll see you next
  • time for another net cast from MrExcel

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