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Default File Open Location

November 21, 2017 - by Bill Jelen

Default File Open Location

If you always want Excel to default to a particular folder when you do File, Open... this article is for you.

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  • Kent Ohio Seminar: Is there a way to control the default file location when Excel opens?
  • File, Option, Save and change the default file location
  • Controls where the initial File, Open starts

Auto-Generated Transcript

  • Learn Excel from MrExcel Podcast Episode
  • 2179 the default open folder hey
  • welcome back to MrExcel in that cast
  • I'm Bill Jelen today really easy but
  • super useful one I was doing a seminar
  • in Kent Ohio and someone come came up
  • and said hey you know we're entering
  • budget season and for the next couple
  • months we're gonna be doing all of our
  • work in the sequel and budgets folder
  • can I have Excel automatically default
  • to that folder when I go to file open
  • all right and what you have to do is go
  • to file and then options and then say
  • file options and save and go see if
  • there's a setting here for default file
  • location that right now is pointing to
  • my documents for so let's try this let's
  • see what happens right here we'll just
  • do file close or file exit and I will
  • fire up Excel and we'll go to file open
  • browse and you see that we start in the
  • Documents folder like that all right
  • let's go into file options and say well
  • change to C colon backslash budgets
  • click OK now file exit and then fire up
  • Excel again and then control over open
  • browse and now we're starting directly
  • in at the budgets folder cool cool trick
  • super easy will save you some time on
  • that initial file open of the day
  • well tons of tricks like this is my book
  • power excel with MrExcel the 2017
  • edition click the I in the top right
  • hand corner for more information today's
  • question from kent ohio is there a way
  • to control the default file location
  • could a file option save and change the
  • default file location when they asked
  • this question I didn't quite know the
  • answer but once I found the answer and
  • then changed my default folder and
  • actually is cool how just those few
  • clicks of not having to navigate to the
  • right folder each day is a huge
  • time-saver assuming you're doing all
  • your work in one folder and then a
  • couple months from now when the budget
  • season is over you can switch over to
  • some other folder as your default file I
  • thank you for stopping by I will see you
  • next time for another net cast from mr.
  • Excel

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