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Deleting Alternating Blank Rows

October 05, 2017 - by Bill Jelen

Deleting Alternating Blank Rows

Every other row in Excel is blank. How can you quickly delete the blank rows?

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  • Quickbooks loves to insert tiny column between the columns
  • To speed up the process, delete first column, then use F4 for Fast Re-Do
  • Better: Select a row. Go to Special, Blanks, Ctrl + -, Entire Column, OK
  • Thanks to Carmella in Green Bay

Auto-Generated Transcript

  • Learn Excel from MrExcel Podcast
  • episode 2153 deleting blank columns I
  • was in Green Bay Wisconsin doing a
  • seminar there and the question came up
  • about these tiny blank columns between
  • the columns and is there fast way to get
  • rid of those and well yeah sure I mean
  • the way that I always talked about doing
  • this is to delete the first one however
  • you want I use alt e DC okay but then
  • from there it's easy just move to the
  • next blank column press f4 f4 is the
  • world's greatest redo repeats Alaska
  • Mady did and now it's a simple f4 right
  • arrow f4 right arrow f4 you know hey if
  • you have forty of those that's gonna be
  • a hassle to do that and in the audience
  • was Carmela said oh hey wait no there's
  • a fast way to do that just choose the
  • whole row when you choose the whole row
  • and then we're gonna use find and select
  • go to special now I'm gonna do this with
  • keyboard shortcuts so ctrl G for go-to
  • alt s for Special K for blanks that
  • chooses all of the blank cells in that
  • row click OK alright so now we've
  • selected all those blanks now it's a
  • simple matter to delete so ctrl minus
  • sign press C for entire column ok and
  • bam you're done what an awesome trick
  • now carmella gave me a tip here make
  • sure that you choose a row that
  • everything's filled in if you had
  • something where there was data but
  • something wasn't filled in well then
  • that wouldn't work at all but a great
  • clever clever way to solve that problem
  • tips like that in my book power excel
  • with MrExcel click the I on the top
  • right hand corner today's episode
  • QuickBooks loves to in sort of those
  • tiny columns between the columns to
  • speed up the process of deleting them
  • delete the first column and use f4 for a
  • fast redo but better thanks to Carmela
  • in Green Bay select a row go to special
  • blanks ctrl - I'm choose c4 entire
  • column ok ok I want to thank you for
  • stopping by we'll see you next time for
  • another net cast from MrExcel

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