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Easy Territories in Excel Pivot Tables

August 22, 2014 - by Bill Jelen

Your pivot table has a list of cities, but no Territory field:

Easy Territories in Excel Pivot Tables
Easy Territories in Excel Pivot Tables

There is an easy way to create a virtual Territory field:

  1. Select the cities in the first territory (Click on first city, Ctrl + Click on others)
  2. In the Pivot Table Tools ribbon, click Group Selection.
  3. By default, they call the territory “Group1”, but you can click in the cell and type a meaningful name, like “South Florida”. Also, click on the heading cell and type a new name such as Territory.
  4. To create the next territory, select those cities and repeat steps 2 & 3.

When you are done, select the Territory heading, click Field Settings, and change the Subototals from None to Automatic.

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