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Excel 2019: Format One Cell in a Pivot Table

April 25, 2019 - by Bill Jelen

Excel Format One Cell in a Pivot Table. Photo Credit: Atilla Taskiran at

This is new in Office 365 starting in 2018. You can right-click any cell in a pivot table and choose Format Cell. Any formatting that you apply is tied to that data in the pivot table. In the figure below, Florida Figs have a yellow fill color.

One cell in this pivot table is formatted in yellow. The Florida Fig cell is in C10.

If you change the pivot table, the yellow formatting follows the Florida Fig.

Although Florida Figs are now in C29, they are still highlighted in yellow.

If you add a new inner field, then multiple cells for Florida Fig will have the fill color.

With a new inner row field of sales rep, two cells are highlighted in yellow. Each is sales of Florida Figs, but for different sales reps. The two numbers add up to the originl 9683.

The formatting will persist if you remove Florida or Fig due to a filter. If you filter to vegetables, Fig is hidden. Filter to fruit and Fig will still be formatted. However, if you completely remove either Product or Region from the pivot table, the formatting will be lost.

Title Photo: Atilla Taskiran at

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