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Excel 2019: Make Your Workbook into a Web App

June 03, 2019 - by Bill Jelen

Excel Make Your Workbook into a Web App. Photo Credit: Valery Rapovets at

Create a named range such as DisplayMe that surrounds your dashboard. To do so, select File, Info, Browser View Options. Choose Items in the Workbook on the Show tab and select the named range DisplayMe.

In the Browser View Options, choose All Named Ranges.

Save your workbook to a OneDrive location. Use File, Share and ask for a sharing link, as shown below.

In the Share panel, choose Get a Sharing Link.

Anyone who has the link can open the file in a browser and interact with the slicers. Try it:

The dashboard rendered in a browser window. You can still click the slicers and the charts and data will update.


Anyone who has the link can download the workbook and unhide the data sheets.

Ryan Wilson suggested making Excel not look like Excel.

Title Photo: Valery Rapovets at

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