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Excel 2019: New Threaded Comments Allow Conversations

March 12, 2019 - by Bill Jelen

Excel New Threaded Comments Allow Conversations. Photo Credit: Mihai Surdu at

Threaded comments debuted in 2018. When you insert a comment, Excel stores the comment, the author, the date, and time. When a co-worker sees your comment, they can click Reply and add a new comment to the same cell. Each set of comments lists the author, date, and time.

These new threaded comments are indicated by a five-sided purple shape instead of the red triangle used for the old style comments (now known as Notes).


If you are using Excel Online, you have a choice for Comments or Chat. While comments are stored in the workbook, anything typed in Chat will be deleted when you close the workbook.

The legacy red comment indicator is replaced by a purple indicator in the top right corner of the cell. Hover over the icon and you can see a threaded conversation. Daisy asks Does This Contain the Correction. Mary answers, Yes I've added the 3%. Daisy replies Thanks. Each part of the conversation has a date and time.

Title Photo: Mihai Surdu at

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