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Excel 2019: Rearrange fields in a pivot table

April 22, 2019 - by Bill Jelen

Excel Rearrange fields in a pivot table. Photo Credit: Pierre Châtel-Innocenti at

The power of pivot tables is the ability to rearrange the fields. If your manager decides you should put Regions across the top and products down the side, it is two drags to create the new report.

The bottom of the pivot table fields pane shows tiles with Product in Columns and Region in Rows. Drag the Product tile to Rows and the Region tile to Columns.

Drag product to Rows. Drag Region to Columns and you will have this report:

The result is a pivot table with Products in column A and Regions across the top.

To remove a field from the pivot table, drag the field tile outside of the Fields pane, or simply uncheck the field in the top of the Fields pane.

Title Photo: Pierre Châtel-Innocenti at

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