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Excel 2019: Use Data, Refresh All to Update Stock Data

September 04, 2019 - by Bill Jelen

Use Data, Refresh All to Update Stock Data. Photo Credit: Aditya Vyas at

The other data type available is Stock data. Enter some publicly held companies:

Four cells have Microsoft, Netflix, Southwest Airlines, and Coca Cola.

Choose, Data, Stocks. An icon of a building with Roman columns should appear next to each company You can add fields such as CEO, Price, Volume, High, Low, Previous Close.

Use the Stocks data type icon and convert the company names to data types. Data type formulas let you ad CEO, stock price.

In contrast to Geography, where population might only be updated once a year, the stock price will be constantly changing throughout the trading day. Rather than go out to the Internet with every recalc, Excel will only updated the data from these Linked Data Types when you choose Refresh.

One easy way to update the stock prices is to use the Refresh All icon on the Data tab.

To force the stock price to update, use the Refresh All icon on the Data tab.

As the name implies, Refresh All will update everything in your workbook, including any Power Query data connections which might take a long time to update. If you want to only refresh the current block of linked data, right-click on A2, choose Data Types, Refresh.

Title Photo: Aditya Vyas at

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