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Excel 2019: Use WORKDAY.INTL for a Work Calendar

July 25, 2019 - by Bill Jelen

Excel Use WORKDAY.INTL for a Work Calendar. Photo Credit: Colin Carter at

While NETWORKDAYS calculates the work days between two dates, the WORKDAY function takes a starting date and a number of days, and it calculates the date that is a certain number of work days away.

One common use is to calculate the next work day. In the following figure, the start date is the date on the previous row. The number of days is always 1. To generate a class schedule that meets on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, specify a weekend of "0101011".

You want to fill dates for Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Type the first date in A2. Below that, use =WORKDAY.INTL(A2,1,"0101011"). This says to start from the date in A2, go out 1 day, based on a work week where Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday are the weekends.

Title Photo: Colin Carter at

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