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Excel 2020: Speed Up VLOOKUP

October 26, 2020 - by Bill Jelen

Speed Up VLOOKUP. Photo Credit: Alex Eckermann at

VLOOKUP is a relatively expensive function. When you are looking for an exact match, Excel has to look through the lookup table one row at a time. 

Previous editions of MrExcel LX – The Holy Grail of Excel Tips demonstrated a Charles Williams formula to make VLOOKUP faster. Starting in 2018, Office 365 includes a re-engineered VLOOKUP that is as fast as the Charles Williams trick.

=IF(VLOOKUP(A2,Table,1)=A2,VLOOKUP(A2,Table,1),"Not Found")

Title Photo: Alex Eckermann at

This article is an excerpt from MrExcel 2020 - Seeing Excel Clearly.

Bill Jelen is the author / co-author of
MrExcel 2020 - Seeing Excel Clearly

This is a 4th edition of MrExcel LX. Updates for 2020 include: Ask a question about your data, XLOOKUP, Power Query's Data Profiling tools, How Geography Data Types decide which Madison, A SEQUENCE example for descending 52 weeks, Exchange Rates support in Stock Data Types, How to collapse the Search box, How to leave effective feedback for Microsoft, How to post your worksheet to the MrExcel Board using XL2BB.