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Excel Shortcut - Ctrl+T Tables Expand

September 08, 2017 - by Bill Jelen

Excel Shortcut - Ctrl+T Tables Expand

Using Ctrl + T to create a Table in Excel. If you have a chart or a pivot table or a VLOOKUP based on a range of data that might expand, using Ctrl + T is a great way to make sure the new rows are included in the chart or pivot table.

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Learn Excel From MrExcel, Podcast Episode 2149.

We're getting near the end of our series of keyboard shortcut podcasts here.

So, let's say that we have this chart based on this table, and the table goes January through April, and I know that I'm going to be adding more stuff to this. I want to press CONTROL+T, like that, alright, and that makes it into a table. Apply some formatting. The formatting is not the important part here. The important part is that my pivot tables, my charts, and my VLOOKUPs will all grow as the table grows. Alright?

So, let's add a new region -- SOUTH -- like this. SOUTH gets added to the chart. I type some data, CONTROL+ENTER, and then I add a new month -- MAY -- and I'll type some date over here. CONROL+ENTER. The chart will automatically update because it's a table.

Great, great way to have your charts, VLOOKUP, and pivot tables all automatically grow by using CONTROL+T, or CONTROL+L actually, to format as table.

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