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Excel Shortcut - Macro Security

August 23, 2017 - by Bill Jelen

Excel Shortcut - Macro Security

I love VBA macros in Excel. But if I give someone a small macro, and if you've never used macros, you need to enable macros on your copy of Excel. Today, a keyboard shortcut to make this simpler.

Change Macro Security with Alt + T, M, S. Activate Add-Ins with Alt + T, I

These are really useful now that the settings are buried deep in Excel options.

Thanks to Ron de Bruin for sending in this idea.

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Auto-Generated Transcript

  • Learn Excel from MrExcel Podcast
  • episode 21 37 changing macros security
  • when I'm working with someone and
  • they've never run macros before I'm on
  • the phone with and I'm trying to tell
  • them how to change macro security it is
  • a hassle to go into file options trust
  • Center trust Center settings and then
  • macro settings and then disable macros
  • without notification I say look just do
  • this
  • Alti for Tim M for Mary S for Sam and it
  • gets them right to that dialog box that
  • used to be alt T would open the Tools
  • menu in Excel 2003 and would be macro s
  • would be security definitely a faster
  • way to go and then related to that one
  • if we need to enable an edit well do you
  • have solver add software available that
  • file options add-ins go to the lower
  • left-hand corner choose regular Adams
  • click go and then you get finally get to
  • this dialog box just alt T I so I just
  • say look press alt T for Tim I for Irene
  • and click check the box for solver two
  • cases where the old old keyboard
  • shortcuts are dramatically faster than
  • the new way to get there all right well
  • hey I want to thank you for stopping by
  • all we'll see you next time for another
  • net cast from MrExcel

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