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Excel Shortcuts - AutoSum

August 03, 2017 - by Bill Jelen

Excel Shortcuts - AutoSum

Excel faster way to AutoSum. This is an Excel keyboard shortcut for summing data.

Press Alt + = to invoke the AutoSum function.

Thanks to Dawn Bjork Buzbee, Olga Kryuchkova

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Auto-Generated Transcript

  • Learn Excel from MrExcel Podcast
  • episode 2123 alt equals is the autosum
  • function
  • alright the very first formula that
  • anyone ever learns to do in Excel is the
  • autosum so you come up here to the Home
  • tab click the autosum they propose a
  • formula for you and you press Enter
  • but you don't have to reach up there to
  • the Home tab at all just press alt
  • equals all to equals and that will
  • propose the formula and then the awesome
  • awesome trick if you need a total row
  • and a total column of course the total
  • column works right that's no house so
  • you could enter that and copy that down
  • but beautiful beautiful trick select all
  • your numbers one extra row one extra
  • column then hit autosum or alt equals
  • and they will put totals all the way
  • around totals across there even a total
  • across there people seem to care and
  • then these are all totals down
  • fast-fast way to go okay I want to thank
  • you for something I will see you next
  • time for another net cast from MrExcel

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