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Excel Tips to Make Life Easier

May 15, 2002 - by Juan Pablo Gonzalez

Some other "basic" Excel tips to make your life easier:

Learn to use the Fill Handle (That little Black box that appears at the bottom right of the current selection). It has many "hidden" features... you use it by dragging it with the mouse. If you drag it with the right button you also have some cool features, like Fill formats, copy cells, use a geometric tendency, among some others.

The Page break preview is a powerful way of designing the way your pages will be printed. You can drag, erase, combine and insert page breaks where you want to!

You can setup the page configuration for multiple pages at once ! select them all (With Control or with Shift) and then go to File, Page Setup. All the changes you make there will apply to all selected sheets.

The Autofilter (Data | Filter | Autofilter) is a simple, but powerful tool for handling data base like tables.

There's a difference between Clear and Delete. The first one only removes the contents, formatting or "everything" that APPEARS on the cell. The second one, on the other hand, removes the cell (Or row, or column) for the sheet Entirely ! this is the option I use most, in fact, almost never I use the first one !

Ok, enough for today...