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Fill Dates in ALL CAPS

April 27, 2017 - by Bill Jelen

Fill Dates in ALL CAPS

Excel can the fill handle fill dates in ALL CAPS?

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  • Steve wants to fill dates in ALL CAPS
  • Choice 1: Felix Titling font
  • Choice 2: Formula using UPPER and TEXT: =UPPER(TEXT(C2,"DDDD, MMMM D, YYYY"))

Auto-Generated Transcript

  • Learn Excel from MrExcel Podcast Episode 2085
  • filled dates in all caps hey welcome
  • back to MrExcel in that case I'm bill
  • jelen today's question from Steve and
  • Indianapolis is there a way to fill
  • dates in all caps I just shown how to
  • use the fill handle to take this date
  • and drag it down the season hey wait i
  • need that to be in all caps and well
  • that's going to be tough first thing i
  • thought as well what if we went in to
  • the custom number format which is all
  • lowercase and if we converted it to one
  • two three uppercase like that would that
  • somehow do the right thing but no no of
  • course that doesn't work at all it still
  • comes in right there you can see it's in
  • lowercase all right so yeah cheap cheap
  • trick number one select the date come
  • here to the font drop-down what we're
  • looking for is a font that is in all
  • caps Algerian is one Felix titling is
  • another figure out which one it is an
  • see even lower case lower case is shown
  • as uppercase like that or but hey let's
  • face it Algerian and Felix titling one
  • hour weird fonts if you wanted to use
  • your own fun alright so here's today's
  • date put that in by the way with control
  • semicolon record it was a couple days
  • ahead grab the fill handle and drag and
  • then over here we r to use this formula
  • equal upper of the text the text to see
  • two and this is where put our custom
  • number format lowercase uppercase
  • doesn't matter because we're going to
  • send it into the upper function like
  • that double click to copy it down and
  • now you can use whatever crazy font you
  • want or normal font or whatever you need
  • alright these tips and a lot more tips
  • like it are in my book power extent with
  • MrExcel the 2017 edition click that I
  • on the top right hand corner to buy the
  • book Steve what to do Phil dates in all
  • caps choice one any kind of a fun it is
  • all caps like Felix titling or Algerian
  • or choice to we used a formula using
  • upper and text or thanks to you for that
  • question I want you for stopping by
  • we'll see you next time for another neck
  • cast from MrExcel it's not a date
  • that's a fake

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