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Fill without Formatting

October 26, 2017 - by Bill Jelen

Fill without Formatting

Fill without Formatting. Sometimes you need to copy a formula but not screw up the existing formatting. Learn how with this article.

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  • You need to copy formulas but not screw up the formatting in cells
  • My Method: Ctrl + C to copy, Paste Special, Formulas, OK
  • Adam in Raleigh: Right-drag the formulas, choose Fill without Formatting

Auto-Generated Transcript

  • Learn Excel from MrExcel Podcast Episode
  • 2163 fill without formatting hey welcome
  • back to the MrExcel NetCast I'm bill
  • Gellin was up in Raleigh the other day
  • doing a seminar and I had a copy these
  • form this down but not screw up the
  • formatting design that was there so I
  • did ctrl C and then select this range
  • and edit paste special that's all e s
  • choose formula so alt e SF enter and one
  • of the people in the class Adam says
  • wait why did you do all that you just
  • select the data and right drag right
  • drag and when you let go there's a
  • choice that says fill without formatting
  • that'll copy those formulas down and
  • keep the original formatting much much
  • easier way to go all right so power
  • excel with MrExcel at the 2017 Edition
  • 617 Excel mystery solved when I have 618
  • thanks to Adam but you can buy all 617
  • these click that I on the top right hand
  • corner easy one today you need to copy
  • the formulas but not screw up the
  • formatting in the cells my method ctrl C
  • all the F enter or Adam just write drag
  • the formulas and then when you let go
  • choose fill without formatting I want to
  • thank you for stopping by we'll see you
  • next time for another net cast from mr.
  • Excel

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