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Format Subtotal Rows

August 03, 2017 - by Bill Jelen

Format Subtotal Rows

Excel bolds one column on the Subtotal Rows

It is a little odd that Subtotals only bolds the customer column and not anything else in the subtotal row. Follow these steps to format the subtotal rows:

  1. Collapse the data to the #2 view.

  2. Select all data from the first subtotal to the grand totals.

  3. Press Alt + ; (which is the shortcut for Go To Special, Visible Cells Only).

    Go To Special
    Go To Special
  4. Click OK. Format the subtotal rowsby applying Bold and a fill color.

Now, when you go back to the #3 view, the subtotal rows will be easy to spot.

Format Row
Format Row

Watch Video

  • Excel bolds one column on the Subtotal Rows
  • How do you bold all columns?
  • The intuitive way does not work
  • Collapse to #2 view
  • Select from first to last row
  • Select Visible Cells (Alt + ;) or QAT Icon for Select Visible Cells
  • Format the subtotals
  • Go back to #3 view

Download File

Download the sample file here: Podcast1996.xlsx

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