Get Stock Quotes

August 01, 2022 - by Bill Jelen

Get Stock Quotes

Data types support stock quotes from 24 different exchanges around the world. Many exchanges provide data that is delayed by 15 minutes. Some exchanges only provide close of day prices.

Start with a list of companies. You can use company name or ticker symbol.

The heading in A1 is Company. Other items are Netflix, PYPL, SNAP, Amazon, and Microsoft.
Figure 603. Start with a list of company names or ticker symbols.

Convert the cells to stock data types. You can add new fields such as =A2.Price, =A2.Employees, and more. Note that the prices include previous day's close, open, current price, 52-week low, and 52 week high. There are no options to get closing prices for the last 30 days.

After converting to Stock, you have Netflix Inc and PayPal Holdings Inc..  =A2.Price gives you the current stock price. Other fields are number of employees and Year incorporated.
Figure 604. Office 365 can return stock prices.

Gotcha: The stock prices do not recalculate every time the worksheet recalculates. In order to save bandwidth, you can ask for a refresh by right-clicking on A2:A6, choosing Data Types, Refresh.

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