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Guy Who Spent Nine Hours Getting to Bottom of Excel Worksheet is Now an Excel Guru

February 13, 2018 - by Bill Jelen

Guy Who Spent Nine Hours Getting to Bottom of Excel Worksheet is Now an Excel Guru

You've likely seen the viral YouTube video of Hunter Hobbs pressing the Down arrow key in Excel for 9 hours to get to row 1048576. I saw that video and shook my head. Why would he waste nine hours when Ctrl+ Down Arrow would get you there in an instant? I considered the guy hopeless.

But for New York City-based Excel trainer Tatiana Ufimtceva, she saw Hunter as a challenge. She developed a game to teach people Excel skills in a fun way.

Tatiana and I are in the same business: We both teach all-day courses in Excel. While a lot of Excel experts are packaging their Excel knowledge in eight-hour video courses, Tatiana had an idea for a new approach.

Tatiana developed a game that will teach you Excel shortcut keys and other Excel techniques. I've tried the game and it is brilliant. There are some people who can learn while watching videos. But Tatiana has found a way to engage the learner. You learn new Excel skills and try them at the same time while playing the Excel Simulation Game. Learn by doing which increases the result dramatically. It is a great way to reinforce the concepts.

Check out this funny video of Hunter Hobbs today:

The buzzword in schools today is "differentiated instruction". Teachers are encouraged to find how each student learns best. For those people who prefer to learn via hands-on experience, Hot Key Excellence is an excellent product.

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