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Help Tab Added to Ribbon

August 29, 2018 - by Bill Jelen

Help Tab Added to Ribbon

A new Help tab appears in Excel during 2018. The Excel 2003 Help menu was reduced to a circled question mark at the top right corner of Excel 2007 - Excel 2016. Help is now a full Ribbon tab.

The Help tab in Excel starting in 2018
The Help tab in Excel starting in 2018
  • The first icon is online Excel Help. Excellers have been lamenting the move to online Help and fondly remembering the good old days of offline help. But, over time, online Help is improving. There are over 2000 online help articles with over 50 million views per month.

  • Feedback lets you send a screenshot and a paragraph about something you like or do not like. The Excel team is actively reading these suggestions.
  • Show Training opens a help panel with several new tutorials build in to Excel.

    Each icon leads to a Microsoft-produced video about a topic
    Each icon leads to a Microsoft-produced video about a topic
  • What's New shows the most recent updates to Excel
  • Community opens the Answers forum. Of course, if you are here, you prefer the MrExcel Forum.
  • Blog Site takes you to the Excel team blog.
  • Suggest a Feature takes you to Excel.UserVoice.Com where you can write up a feature request and other Excellers can vote up your idea. This actually is effective - many ideas from UserVoice have made it into Excel.

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Video Transcript

Learn Excel from MrExcel Podcast, Episode 2239: A New Help Tab Added to the Ribbon.

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Help is back. For a long time Help was relegated to a little question mark there, it didn't have its own tab. Now it does have its own tab with Help. But some other good stuff here that you might want to check out.

Feedback-- this gives you a chance to send a smile or send a frown. This is something if you're in the beta program or the insider fast program, we have an opportunity to do this and, wow, it's amazing there. They're actually paying a lot of attention to this. Sometimes, when I need to file a bug report, they just ask me to go in and send a frown and tag someone specific so they can go find it. So, like, this is going directly to the Excel team, sends a suggestion. lets you just send an idea direct to the Excel team. Very, very cool.

Show training-- of course now, you don't need to click Show Training because you're already on the great training channel here on YouTube. Alright, so we'll just skip that one. What's New-- feel free to go check it out, check out the competition-- shows you what's new in the latest build. Community-- I wish this would take you to the MrExcel forum, but it takes you to the Answers forum. Of course, now, just a pitch here-- at MrExcel we have almost a million Q&A and we never delete anything. We have questions going all the way back at answers, and when a new version of Excel comes, I'll purge those old questions. So we have, you know, just a great-- a great-- database that will hopefully never go away.

Blog Site, and then Suggest a Feature-- it's going to take you to, where you can write up an idea and other people get to vote for it. Now, this actually works-- I've had features added to Excel. So, check that out.

My new book, "Microsoft Excel 2019 Inside Out." Click on that "I" in the top right hand corner to order it.

Wrap-up for today: Brand new help screen appeared with some-- some-- good stuff. Well, hey, I want to thank you for stopping by, we'll see you next time for another netcast from MrExcel.

Download Excel File

To download the excel file: help-tab-added-to-ribbon.xlsx

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